Wavelet-Based Circular Hough Transform and its Application in Embryo Development Analysis

Detecting object shapes from images remains a challenging problem in computer vision, especially in cases where some a priori knowledge of the shape of the objects of interest exists (such as circle-like shapes) and/or multiple object shapes overlap. This problem is important in the field of biology, particularly in the area of early-embryo development, where the dynamics is given by a set of cells (nearly-circular shapes) that overlap and eventually divide. We propose an approach to this problem that relies mainly on a variation of the circular Hough Transform where votes are weighted by wavelet kernels, and a fine-tuning stage based on dynamic programming. The wavelet-based circular Hough transform can be seen as a geometric-driven pulling mechanism in a set of convolved images, thus having important connections with well-stablished machine learning methods such as convolution networks.

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Implementations: Matlab, C++.