Marcelo Cicconet, Ph.D.

Marcelo has a number of hobbies, one of which pays the bills. Currently he's involved mainly with science (computer vision, machine learning), dance (Lindy Hop), and music (singing/songwriting). In the past he's developed iOS apps, done computer music research, written op-eds, and played with robots, to mention a few things. Marcelo grew up on a farm in the south of Brazil, so he also has some experience working in the plow, and driving tractors -- I know, right? You wish you had that on your resume. He still didn't give up piloting airplanes (spaceships are an option too), being a rockstar, and writing popular science. But he did give up getting up early in the morning.

I do take it very seriously, but not solemnly. --Dan Dennett

contact [at] marceloc [dot] net